About Us

The two of us have somewhat similar backgrounds. We are both retired U.S. Air Force officers with more than 20 years experience covering several specialities. We were both change agents / problem solvers while in uniform, bringing innovations into our respective career fields and working on a very diverse range of projects and programs. Upon retirement, we both entered the private sector as consultants, one in management, the other in computers, both later moving to executive positions and non-profit leadership. Both of us have taught at university level and are qualified with community college level credentials. One remained in information technology (IT), the other moved into publishing and authorship. Both of us are married and have grown children and grandchildren. Both of us have extensive volunteer backgrounds. One of us lives on the East Coast, the other on the West. We have been friends for many decades and have somewhat comparable insights on matters of interest to us.

If you happen to be a Leftist, Progressive, or Liberal Democrat, please look elsewhere as you do not possess the objectivity to deal with our commentary and posted articles. No doubt they will offend you right away. Thus our advice: Look Elsewhere!